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Policies and Guidelines

The intention of these policies and guidelines is to clarify and expand upon our Guild Charter and establish what best describes the culture and atmosphere that we have created and what is expected from members of Radiant Dark.

Guild Chat
Radiant Dark is an adult guild. As such, guild chat and vent are not censored and can sometimes sway towards conversations and jokes of adult nature and content. But, as adults, we expect you to have respect for gender, sexual orientation, religious or political views, and ones general opinion. Please use common sense when making comments to avoid insulting or hurting ones feelings. If an officer feels you have crossed the line, you will be asked to tone it down or take it private.

The most important part of Radiant Dark is that we take pride in the fact that we've been able to establish and maintain a guild that puts friends and people first, a family so to speak. We recognize that there is a person behind that character. We encourage all members to participate in guild chat and on the guild forums so that we can get to know you as a person. Be respectful of your fellow guild mates and officers. If you have an issue, please take it private. Inform an officer if you need assistance or moderation.

Also, when interacting with people outside of the guild, remember that you are wearing the tag over your head. In the almost 4 years of Radiant Dark's existence, there has NEVER been a thread on the Windrunner forums about unsportsmanlike conduct, ninja'ing, rude behavior, or just plain asshatery pointing to a member of Radiant Dark.... and we want to keep it that way! Represent Radiant Dark in a positive light and with pride.

Asking for Assistance
While asking for assistance on hard to complete quests, group quests, or instances is encouraged, we are not here to help you power level your character. Constant griping and whining for help will often make people turn a deaf ear and not be as eager to volunteer. We're not saying to not ask for help in guild chat, just to remember that the majority of Radiant Dark are working business professionals that have families and thus plan their gaming time. There may seem to be a lot of people on, but don't take offense if you're not assisted right away. Others may just be involved in something they're trying to accomplish also.

The best way to get things accomplished that you need help with is to use The War Room to schedule what you need. Pick a date and time and 99% of the time you'll get assistance and more than likely someone will be on the same path as you.

Guild Bank
All guild members (except those in the Initiate Rank) have access to the Grab Bag portion of the guild bank. It's there for you to take and use. If items sit in the Grab Bag for too long, or there is an excessive amount, they will be sold and the funds deposited back into the bank. Deposits to the guild bank are strictly voluntary but will help the guild further. Do not deposit items you are not comfortable sharing with fellow guild mates.

For items in the restricted areas of the bank, make a post in The Market Place for what it is you need and what it is going to be used for and an officer will get it to you. There may be times that items acquired during guild raids (shards, crystals, gems, etc.) may cost gold or RP (DKP) at the officer's discretion and a set cost will be determined and advised beforehand.

Taking things from the guild bank to provide to non-guilded alts and friends or for your own financial gain (i.e. selling in the Auction House) is not permitted and is cause for immediate guild removal.

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