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Guild Charter
The Way of Radiant Dark

In the beginning, there was nothing. And before light, the dark itself radiated an impossible glow.

Through the ages, Radiant Dark has known many incarnations. Beyond its various guises, and diverse members hailing from distant and fantastic lands, the present Radiant Dark has thrived and flourished in the world of Azeroth. One core element has been paramount to its good fortune is exploration. From the heights and cold of Winterspring, to the compressed heat and depths of the Molten Core, every stone shall have its underbelly exposed to our own blinding Radiant Dark.

With the medium of exploration, the true value of Radiant Dark's brothers and sisters is brought into focus. If the objective proves to not be fruitful, so be it. It's the journey itself that has provided Radiant Dark and its brethren, immeasurable riches.

Fellows of Radiant Dark share their lives through journey; the current destination being simply a milestone from which the next leg can embark. Kindness, stories, generosity, and laughter flow from individuals whose history is as distinct as their skills, and pass again to each other, intertwining in a cohesive latticework of merry goodwill.

It is this joy that is charted on Radiant Dark's maps of Azeroth. It's with these maps that Radiant Dark defines its journey.

The Articles
So this joy is never lost, so greed never becomes a declaration of any day's expedition, a number of articles have been set in place as paths by which to travel. These articles are not definitive rules, but organic guidelines as they depend heavily on your own judgment and the participation of those in your immediate party. Specific rules regarding game play and wealth distribution are maintained separately. As we are lax, so are these articles but any bold disregard will not be tolerated, and you will be warned first from our brothers and sisters, followed by an appropriate discipline by an officer. Any unceasingly deliberate mal behavior will be grounds for exile, to be enforced by our officers and Guild Master. It has never come to this, and it is in our hopes that it never will.

Article 1
Respect. Respect yourself, our guild mates, our officers, our guests, our Windrunner community, and even those you face off against in PvP combat. Self moderation of actions and taking the honorable path for any situation will always garner the respect it deserves. Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself. This goes for common dialog taking place in guild chat, to your unsaid acceptance of race, gender or history, to rolling for an epic drop from an endgame boss. We will all recognize your honorable play, tolerance, and adherence to any established rules. And if need be, the officers will assist with moderation with a gentle, but firm hand. Respect allows for all the travels of Radiant Dark to heed success. Because of this, any flagrant disregard of the above to any guild members or otherwise, is a mortal offense. Guild membership will be immediatley terminated.

Article 2
Community Participation. Radiant Dark extends far beyond the borders of Azeroth. Because not all will be exploring on any given night, the forum will be the central hub of communication. Its importance is so high, that your regular participation in conversation (regularity as judged by Radiant Arbiters) on said forums, even if only to read, is required. This is the only article that will be stringently enforced, with the worst case scenario being guild expulsion until a request to rejoin the guild is made publicly on the boards. Your officers cannot stress enough the importance of this article, and your participation in the greater community. How can we be a family, if we don't know you? Radiant Dark Forums

Article 3
New Members. Potential guild members submit their applications via online Application Form (Account Creation Required) to one of the Recruiting Officers. The application will be posted for officer review. After screening from the current officer core, and acceptance to Radiant Dark by the GM, a new recruit has a probationary period to establish themselves in the community. The Guild Master has final approval over all new initiates.

Article 4
Enjoy Yourself. The members of Radiant Dark are here because of the fun they have in exploration with their friends and family. If at any point in your day this fun turns into a chore, ask for help, take a break, tell an officer. As fun comes from such an immense combination of factors, if any of these can be immediately addressed, it will be done. We will all do whatever it takes to make your time as enjoyable for you, as it is for ourselves.

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