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Who is Radiant Dark
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Radiant Dark is an Alliance guild on the US server Windrunner (PST/PVE). The guild was created as a casual friends and family guild within the first few weeks of launch of classic World of Warcraft, in 2004, making us one of the eldest guilds on the server. Since that time we have evolved to include a serious raiding unit while still maintaining the casual atmosphere. We are a mature guild (18+) comprised of adults that juggle family, careers, and WoW. As with all games, we want to have fun while we explore this virtual world. Warcraft is our hobby, not our life.

Our officer core is strong, organized, and more importantly committed to the guild which is proven by the length of time the guild has been in existence. We are not a “here today, gone tomorrow” guild. We’ve been around from the beginning and have no plans of going anywhere soon.

We are not, nor have we ever claimed to be, a hardcore raiding guild but we do have a serious raiding unit that is comprised of our Dark Raider Rank. We are not interested in keeping up with the high-end guilds on our server. We are interested in conquering new content, with people we enjoy, at our own pace. We're about people and respecting people’s playtime and ability. We look at guild members as our extended family therefore we are more concerned with the person behind the character then what the armory link shows. We're selective for a reason, but being selective shouldn't preclude a guild from being able to tackle end-game content.

We are a late night guild. During the day you’ll often sign on to no more than few people online at a time. Evenings and often into the early morning hours you’ll find multiple groups running heroics, participating in PvP, working on Achievements, or even leveling alts.

What we're NOT interested in is people looking for a stepping stone into the larger guilds, cause drama, loot or meter obsessed, or those that insist on participating in Trade Chat by referencing their body orifices and skills of their favorite legendary weapon.


Please take a moment to read our Charter and Code of Conduct.

Further Enquiries

If you'd like to inquire further before submitting an application you are welcome to post any questions in The Common Room or contact an officer in game.


Jaydonar (Guild Leader)Guild Website Design and Maintenance

Jayd designs, maintains, and modifies our website. He also pays for the site and our Mumble Server. Although his playtime has been extremely limited (new baby and all), as the only original founding member of RD, he is still our Guild Leader and an active member of the Officer Core. A few of our officers are in regular contact with him and he keeps current. I meet him regularly for coffee and we discuss what’s going on. He is always just a text message away.

Carmelita (Radiant Consul / Senior Officer)Administration

Raid Schedule, Guild Ranks, Welcome Posts, Forum Cleanup

Cyntaria (Radiant Consul / Senior Officer)Administration

Recruiting, New Member Mentor, Guild Bank

Kerrplunk (Radiant Arbiter) - Raid Leader / Social

Coordinate new / fun guild events outside of our raid schedule for our more casual side. This could include dungeon crawls, transmog runs, pvp and arena events, or forum games. She will be making sure our Guild News on the site is up to date, fresh, and fun. She is also our resident videographer.

Maid (Footfungus) (Radiant Arbiter) Raid Leader - Strategy

Maid (Footfungus) and Kerrplunk share the Raid Leader responsibilities which include leading raids and determining boss strategies, screening and vetting our raiders, determining progression path, and setting raid expectations.

Furbawl (Radiant Arbiter)Recruiting

Tony has raided both casually and hardcore so he understands raiding needs from both sides. His length in the guild also gives him a good perspective of the guild culture and makes him an excellent choice to assist in our recruiting needs.

Please note that all officers, no matter their role, review new member applications and are involved in decision making. This guild is not a dictatorship and decisions are not made by one or two people. They are a collaboration of our full Officer Core with input, as needed, from our members.

If you have any issues or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact any officer. We always welcome feedback on how we’re doing.

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