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Sanctum of Dominion

Date: Nov 16, 2021 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Roselli
Category: Guild Raid

ilvl: 210 + Legendary. Rings, Chest, & Hands enchanted.
Flask, Potions, & Oils. (having healing pots are also useful, you can use them with Health Stones)
Gems if you have slots.

Try to read and understand the fights before raid
Tank (1)

3. Malding Death Knight

Damage (9)

2. Shades Priest

4. Tonrahq Shaman

5. Shayra Druid

6. Quinessa Hunter

8. Foofighter Monk

9. Malevolens Death Knight

10. Rubylynn Hunter

11. Alillara Hunter

M. Carmelita Warlock

Support (3)

1. Troozer Druid

7. Cyntaria Druid

M. Flemel Priest


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Updating to a maybe as I'll most likely be late. Going to dinner with friends for Jessie's bday before they go out of town for the holiday.

This means no warlock at start and no summons inside the instance. If you're late you need to make your way to the raid entrance on your own!
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