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About Radiant Dark
In the beginning, there was nothing. And before light, the dark itself radiated an impossible glow.

Fellows of Radiant Dark share their lives through journey; the current destination being simply a milestone from which the next leg can embark. Kindness, stories, generosity, and laughter flow from individuals whose history is as distinct as their skills, and pass again to each other, intertwining in a cohesive latticework of merry goodwill.

Radiant Dark is a mature (18+) guild of fun loving friends, family, couples, co-workers, and cool people we've met along the way. We pride ourselves in creating a fun, stress free getaway from real life and work. Most of our players range in age from their early 20's into their 50's and most are working business professionals. We are primarily a PvE guild with an experienced raiding core and an evening raiding schedule that accommodates those with a later night log in time.

It’s our adherence to our core rule of “The game is meant to be fun” that has made Radiant Dark one of the oldest guilds on one of the oldest servers in the game. Our constant goal is to allow our members to experience end game content without turning the game into a second job.

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Jun 20, 2015 at 03:35 PM
Radiant Consul
2536 Posts

Radiant Dark - Ahead of the Curve!

Radiant Dark defeats the bosses of Heroic Highmaul and Heroic Blackrock Foundry in high fashion!

I'm so proud of this guild. You guys all ROCK!

Here is a video put together by our one and only Rhyker that shows our adventures and kills in these amazing raid instances.

Jun 20, 2015 at 03:32 PM
Radiant Arbiter
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Heroic Blackhand down!

Well done everyone, it felt great to get this guy down. On to Hellfire Citadel!
Apr 24, 2015 at 02:45 PM
Radiant Consul
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We're Recruiting!

Currently in need of a Monk or Shaman Healer to round out our raid group but will consider any and all classes and specs.

For more information see our post on the Windrunner Server Forum:

Or, contact an officer in game:


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